Simple glitter

Corona is all around, but that doesn’t get glitter Mama lazy.

Thinking of new designs and spending valued time with my family ❤️

But have a look at these 🤩

I just love these pictures.


Let me know if you need anything from my shop amd check my shop right here: Glitter Mama Shop.

I cherish all the festivals and raves I have been to, since Corona took this years parties away from us, so far.

Hope you and your loved ones are all safe and sound from Covid19.


Glitter Mama

Glitter Boobs. Again.

We can’t get enough of these pictures from @gypsy.playground with my gems 🔮

Inspiration to your next festival, party or something different.

Get yours in my shop.



LED Face Gems

The newest design in yours truly shop are the LED Face Gems.

Well it’s not exclusively for the face.

One design is for the forehead and hair 😍

One design are for the boobs 😍

Again, that is only for inspiration. You can use them how ever you want to 😘

First two are boob designs.

Next two are forehead/hair design.

In the package they look like this.

Send me an e-mail or go to my shop to order 👌🏻



Glitter Collab

I did a glitter collab.

Results are amazing and I will share some more pictures soon.




You know where to get your glitter.

Glitter Mama

Festival Face

Vi har haft Distortion, Heartland og Northside og der er mange festivaller vi mangler.

Jeg har det du skal bruge til dit Festival Face.

Nedenunder er lidt mere inspiration.

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