I’m your Glitter Mama and this is my blog to show you all the things I do.

Foremost I love all things sparkly and I’ll to convince you that sparkly things are it. I’ll share anything I come across.

This is my hobby.

I sell every sparkly thing you see on this blog.

✨ Face Crystals / Body Crystals / Temporary Tattoos / Glitter ✨

You can buy everything in my shop.

✨ www.etsy.com/shop/stickertattoos ✨

You can hire me to decorate. Just bear in mind I live in Copenhagen, so a travelling fee must be paid.

info @ glittermama . dk

Temporary Tattoos

Easy to use temporary stickers.
No wet og oily skin!
1. Cut out the shape
2. Remove foil
3. Place motive down on skin
4. Wet a sponge/piece of cloth and dab on the paper for aprox. 30 sec.
5. Remove paper carefully and let dry for 30 seconds.
6. Show off!!!

To remove the tattoo, simply gentle rub babyoil on your skin, it might take a minute or two before it loosens.

Face/Body Crystals

Works like a sticker. Sensitive skin? Don’t.

1. Peel off the sticker from the foil

2. Placer your piece right where you want it

3. Done? Just remove it. It can hurt a little due to body hair.

  • ✨ All the glitter is bio degradable
  • ✨ All the tattoos are below the regulation on maximum permissible limits.
  • ✨ All the Face/body Crystals are below the regulation on maximum permissible limits. (These are reusable)
  • Glitter er biologisk nedbrydeligt.
  • Tattoos ligger under grænseværdierne
  • Face/Body Crystals ligger under grænseverdierne. (Disse kan bruges igen og igen)